Down to Clown.

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I'm an independent design professional based in the Pacific Northwest, with almost two decades of experience working in design firms and creative agencies. I have had the privilege of collaborating with globally renowned brands and bring a strong passion for new technologies and creative problem-solving skills to the table.

Like many, I find happiness in balance (I'm a Libra!)—I struggle when insufficient attention goes into a particular aspect of my life. It's taken me some time, though I've learned that I am more successful in almost all personal and professional phases when I can give the required attention to each—family, travel, connecting to the natural world, exercise, and client work.

I'm beyond thankful.

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A few brands I've worked with:
Seattle Seahawks logoMicrosoft logoSeattle Kraken logoS&P Global logoSeattle Sounders FC logoKUOW logoAmerican Express logoHawaiian Airlines logoMLS logoExclusive Resorts logoPittsburg Steelers logoFC Dallas logo
elevating brands through impactful digital experiences.
For nearly twenty years, I've worked at the intersection of creative and technology, delivering solutions for world-class brands.
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