It starts with listening.


Brand Awareness Campaign

KUOW is a National Public Radio member station in Seattle, Washington. During a time of increased misinformation and growing distrust of the media, KUOW wanted to reintroduce its journalistic values to long-time listeners and newcomers.

I had an opportunity to work with KUOW as creative director and designer to develop a brand awareness campaign to promote the radio station as a fair and balanced news source.

Several concepts were presented, but the overwhelming winner revolved around a series of questions asked by real listeners: "It Starts with Listening." These questions ranged from trivial observations to more profound topics. The design featured large, bold typography occupying most of the space for optimum readability and floods of KUOW's brand color palette.

The brand campaign was featured on billboards, transit, social media, and a subsequent website—fueling more questions, conversations, and brand awareness.