loyalty stronger than steel.

Pittsburg Steelers

Loyalty Rewards Program

The Pittsburgh Steelers brand has a huge reach—one of America's most storied sports franchises. The marketing team at the Steelers wanted to connect with their fans in a way that gamified what it means to be a fan.

Working with the Steelers and a team of talented engineers, we built a full-scale, feature-rich loyalty program, "Steelers Nation United." This program challenged and rewarded fans who engaged with the platform in content sharing, contests, polls, and consuming content. Using geofencing, fans who checked in at football games would be rewarded with a gameday experience and earn "yards."

The platform included a richly designed dashboard, badges, newsfeed, live video feeds, and more.

I served as a product designer, creating most of the user experience and user interface design, writing CSS, and creating prototypes. The result was an engaging digital experience, pushing the limits and changing loyalty rewards in the NFL.