Rooted in the PNW.

Seattle Seahawks

Brand Campaign System 2022

The Seattle Seahawks brand continues to permeate beyond the PNW. Credit the football team's competitive aptitude and compelling personnel for expanding its reach, but much of the brand's success can be attributed to the talent of the Seattle Seahawks/First & Goal's internal marketing and design team. They are world-class and continue to push the envelope in big ways.

I'm fortunate to have played a part in this evolution. For the year 2022 (and beyond), I had the privlige of working with the Seahawks to develop a brand campaign that would look fresh and elevate itself among the leaders in the sports world—while achieving specific tactical objectives.

The Seahawks brand is defined by certain hallmarks at the organization's core. These brand pillars are Gameday, football, and community—the basis of each campaign's execution. Staying true to these pillars, requirements included being "uniquely PNW," flexible (translating across all mediums), and a focus on connecting with a younger demographic.

The design system uses a variety of elements and layering techniques to create flexible and engaging designs. The system was developed to empower designers to create unique and expressive compositions, allowing the brand to evolve while staying true to its character and rules. The final designs incorporate technical and cinematic themes, along with personalized expression.